Urgent :If you Are Declined For SASSA SRD R350, This Message From SASSA Is For You – SASSA

The South African Social Security Agency, SASSA, has urged all those applicants who been declined for their Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grants to appeal.

However, if they fail to appeal that decision SASSA will not find funds to pay them.

It has been a very big challenge for some applicants to receive a hearing from officials os SASSA concerning their appeal progress.

Some of these applicants of the SRD of R350 grants have been declined for various reasons ranging from irp5 (employees tax certificate), Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) to SARS registered among others.

Some of these affected people do not seem to know where to turn to for assistance. Some people even claim that they have been unemployed for years and do not see the reason why their applications were rejected.

Meanwhile SASSA has asked all those applicants who have strong feelings that they were unduly declined to send their evidence in writing to the given email address.

Below is the SASSA statement found on their official Twitter Page :


The R350 SRD grant will continue to be paid for a further 3 months.

Anyone who’s declined,must lodge an appeal at the  covid19srdappeals@sassa.gov.za site.

“Anyone who doesn’t lodge an appeal will NOT be reconsidered as we don’t have funds to reconsider every declined case.” #sassacares

36 thoughts on “Urgent :If you Are Declined For SASSA SRD R350, This Message From SASSA Is For You – SASSA

  1. Ramon Carl Groenewald pay date for August 28, pay date for September 29 but If I go to the post office they just say no more sir without explaining anything.

    Please assist

    1. My application was done from may but I find that was declined and I send an email to tells that I have no income & I’m not working . In that day I was sending to this email http://www.srd.gov.co.za,I also want to sassa they told me that they send a request, it’s was October & they told me that I have to come and check interms of no income & unemployed I never get that,so please anyone can provide us about help.

      1. i just want to no am i gonna do the grant appliciaton overlast year only for three month that i did get my350 the next month it show me decline uif but i was finish with my uif and it was a onepayment

          1. letiesha here i just want to no what about december 2020,janaury2021 money that i didnt get they only give me february,march and april money so am im not gona get that two month money becuase i was longtime done with my uif payment

        1. my uif payment was ocktober it was a one month payment so their other months they show me on my status decline why but i was done with uifpayment ocktober so what about my other month that i didnt get

  2. There are still thousands of applicants who have been approved from May until November but still don’t have payment dates. The 0800 53 54 55 queries reveals no funds available. Why doesn’t SASSA sort them out first? This is beyond ridiculous.
    Who are feeding the system…last time I checked IT WAS HUMANS,NOT ROBOTS!!!

  3. I’ve apllied in May evrytime i got declined they say iam NSFAS registerd where’s i don’t earn anything from NSFAS i tried to call and do appeals for several time bt still since now i got declined

  4. l didn’t get any messages as from may l a played on may l don’t no the reason why the decline my a placation

  5. I apply in june i was declined for irp5 then i do a reconcideration apply they approved me but no pay date plz helppp…post office keep telling me im not on the system plz help.

  6. I’ve repeatedly been declined because of an identity mismstch. How can I mismatch my own id from home affairs.

      1. I’ve received my SRD last year for 6 months after that my status says decline due to UIF registration of which I’ve never applied for it because I’m unemployed and it’s been 4 years.

  7. I applied in June last year but the system doesn’t recognize me but the status said nsfas registered my daughter used my cellphone number to apply

    1. If yes, please appeal and tell them you were not funded, you can use the receipt of your fees payment as an additional evidence.

      If no still appeal

  8. To me it’s says declined because I am registered to UIF fund but I am not receiving that fund anymore,I am unemployed,no fund receiving anymore, please help to approve

  9. To me is says declined because I am registered to UIF but I am unemployed, no fund recieving. Please help to approve my application.

  10. regarding a change of contact details, I have a problem of updating my bank details i can not get a link to to change my number hence I did not do a sim swap ?

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