Temporary Employee/Employer Relief Scheme (TERS)

Administered/Managed By
Department of Employment and Labour



  • To assist affected workers through existing benefits including Illness, Reduced Work Time, Unemployment and Temporary Employer/Employee Relief Scheme (TERS) benefits
  • To assist Businesses / Employers that are temporarily closed and unable to pay the salaries of the workers

What is it?

The Presidential address on 23 March 2020 announcing the lockdown placed employers in uncharted territory As part of its effort to support businesses, government implemented a Temporary Employer Relief Scheme (TERS) under the Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) The scheme is set up to contribute to the containment of the COVID-19 pandemic by mitigating the impact of the 21-day national lockdown on workers, business and the economy


  • The benefit is only available where an Employer is registered with UIF
  • The benefit is available to Employees who are laid off as a result of COVID-19 and do not receive a salary or are receiving a reduced salary. In other words, an Employer could top-up an Employee’s salary
  • The benefit is available where an Employer has closed the whole or part of its business for a period of three months or less as a result of COVID-19
  • The application process provides an election as to whether the benefit is paid directly to Employees or Employers
  • The UIF will calculate the benefit as per the directive namely:
    • On a sliding scale starting at 38% of the maximum threshold of R17,712.00 (or R6,730.56) to 60% of an employee’s salary
    • If the employee’s benefit determined in terms of the income replacement sliding scale falls below the minimum wage of R3,500.00, the employee will be paid a benefit equal to that minimum wage
    • In other words, the most an employee will receive is the amount of R6,730.56 for those employees earning equal to or above the maximum threshold of R17,712.00. Employees earning less than this maximum threshold will earn, on a sliding scale, an amount down to the minimum being the national minimum wage of R3,500.00
  • Opening of a special account is only applicable to Bargaining Councils as they represent multiple employers
  • Annual leave does not accrue where an Employee is laid off
  • The Termination Date required to be provided as part of the application process is the last date for which the employee was paid. The earliest Termination Date is 25 March 2020, the date on which the Scheme was promulgated

Who Can Submit a Claim?

  1. Employers on behalf of their employees
  2. Associations on behalf of their members


Al new applications must now be done online. The MOA and Letter of Undertaking is pre-loaded, and you just click on the accept button.

Please note that fast-tracked UIF TERS is ONLY available for those in the Tourism and Mining industry, all other industries are to please contact UIF directly.

Step 1: Key Documents Required

Download, complete and convert Attachment 1 = National Disaster Payment Excel Template

    • This is a prescribed template that will require critical information from the employer. Employees bank details are needed here
    • Prepare and complete your list of all employees with all mandatory information as per the template
    • Use Attachment 2 – Guidelines To Convert Excel to CSV. Please ensure that it is This is required by UIF
    • Refer to Attachment 3 to view sample of what is need as a final CSV file. You must format the data using notepad to look exactly like the sample
  • The Employer applying must complete Attachment 4 = Account Information. This does not have to be converted to CSV
  • On the online form, the MOA is preloaded, and you need to click on the accept button. The MOA is an agreement between UIF, Bargaining Council and Employer. Please note that this is only applicable to employers that have more than 10 employees
  • Confirmation of bank account details for Covid19ters in the form latest bank confirmation letter (no need to certify)
  • Letter of authority on your business letterhead granting authority to the individual lodging the claim to act on behalf of the employer
  • On the online form the Letter of Undertaking is preloaded, and you need to click on the accept button

**All documents submitted will be subjected to verification.

Step 2: Submission Process

All documents as required to be submitted to UIF online via https://uifecc.labour.gov.za/covid19/.

If you are submitting directly you MUST also lodge your application details on the following link in order for TBCSA to monitor progress with UIF: https://covid19ters.typeform.com/to/ID2B0H.

Step 3: Conclusion

The UIF Covid19 system will send an email to confirm registration. They will then attend to all applications and thereafter send you an approval or rejection letter

The UIF has issued a COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions document in which businesses may find many of their answers, including how to apply, deadline for submission of applications and the benefit calculations.

Click here to download the document.

More Information / Contact Details
Website: click here
Hotline Number: 012 337 1997
Email: covid19ters@labour.gov.zauif

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