SRD R350 Reinstated Application – SASSA Cautions

SASSA has cautioned the desperate of some applicants who want to apply for the just announced reinstated SRD R350 Grant to be more careful.

Since the president announced the Reinstatement or extension of the SRD grant of R350, social media has been filled with so many messages purporting to be from SASSA as to how to apply for grants.

In a Facebook post on their official page, sassa cautioned applicants not to rush and fall victim to any scammers but should rather wait until the official announcement 9n what the application procedure will look like.

Below is a snapshot of their statement.


Applicants can always visit this website for the updated information regarding the reinstated grant.

The SRD R350 Grant was first introduced in May 2020 to help unemployed people to cope with the virus that has been the major challenge confronting economic across the world.

It is the hope of the social development ministry to help the people of South Africa find at least some sources of livelihood.

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