SRD R350 Post Office Payments Dates for July 2021

SASSA has released the updated payment dates for the SRD grant of R350 at the post office across the country.

The first week of July  2021 will be used for the payment of regular Sassa grants. The SRD payment will then continue on the second working week of July 

Mind you that the last three digits of your ID number is the code you see attached with their corresponding payment date.

To check out SASSA SRD STATUS use any of the links below 



Be also reminded that, if you know not is your turn, don’t go there as Post Office is putting these measures in place to address challenges experienced by grant recipients in observing social distance and avoid overcrowding.


Click Here For A Complete Payments Dates for SRD for July   2021

108 thoughts on “SRD R350 Post Office Payments Dates for July 2021

      1. I have been waiting for four months still not have my payment’s no date no massage’s for my ewallet I have come from sassa to get help but still no massage’s and this is fifth month wat can I do I have bin to sassa many time they said they will send me massage to collect the money 😞

      2. I have transferred my money from post office into my bank account but since then I haven’t gotten any pay dates from January 2021 they are only approved

          1. Visit the website ans look at the place where you want to switch to your preferred bank account and submit your bank account information

          1. Since the covird release fund had been introduce to all south africans myself i only receive two payments and im unemployed

          2. Some1 else applied 4 me and I don’t have a contact number for her 2 ask for the no she registered me with,how can I check pls

          3. So what if I’ve changed my old number from my bank account details ..can I still get the money from my bank account

          4. I haven’t received my R350 since January this year when i go to the Post office they say it not already in

        1. My uncle turned away but it’s his pay for 089 on Wednesday 31 of much . They are saying he was supposed to pay on Tuesday on the 30 of much. I’m so disappointed for my uncle , a old man of 59 years old. Mthatha post office doesn’t work according sassa pay days.

      1. Hi,I always see irp5 registered, declined at all times,what are the problem,get many otp,codes,why?

    1. Hi There I have been approved now for 6 month. But no payments from November 2020
      Till now 2021 and every time i phone then there is a different stories that sassa tel me . When are we going to get our payments ?

  1. I’ve been approved since last week Wednesday but no payday and some have received their payments

  2. I have changed my payment option to my bank account from ewallet. All 4 months has been approved but I cant get a clear answer from any of the call centre staff.

    Every time I ask the question as to when theu will give me a paydate, I get a different answer.

    My bank is Tymebank and they have confirmed that my details is updated but I still dont have or know about my paydates.

  3. No payment last year NOVEMBER, DECEMBER 2020 and no payment JANUARY, FEBRUARY, MARCH 2021 THIS is heart broken 💔 sad,and unfair. I haven’t even received any money last year MAY,JUNE,JULY, AUGUST,THIS IS NOT RIGHT
    💔 I’m unemployed and have no source of income💔

    1. What is your current status for those months? Did you appeal? If you were declined, what was the exact reason for the decline? What actions have taken so far to address this?
      Send me email to, with your name(Full Name)

      1. Just want to know i dont have a bank so i choose Fnb so am i getting my money through Fnb ewallet or must i go to the post office as others.Im approved just waiting for my paydate

  4. No paydates sins last year are you guys working or wat cause Nov.Dec.Jan.Feb now march ppl get paid wat about us 😞

  5. Hi I just want to I did change from eWallet to Capitec Bank,so how long it’s going to take coz I have been waiting since November till now it’s approved but no pay date?

  6. What is happening with the payments now for bank users…. I’ve been changing my details but hopefully still approved and waiting for dates for January and February what is going on with the system??????
    Help please

  7. I didn’t receive my sassa money from November, December, and January, but I found February and march how come and what must I do about it.

  8. I am from the post office in Sidwell,Port Elizabeth.Being turned away,I am very disappointed by the service as they are not going according to the information SASSA has given as SRD paydays.Today,Tuesday 30/03/2021,
    According to Sassa I.d nos. ending with 083 and 088 are supposed to get their money according to the payment time table.So they turned us away saying they are paying Tuesdays no.s as previously. I am so hungry right now.

  9. I need to change from getting my SRD R350 SASSA from Post Office to Capitec Bank. What is the procedure. Please help🙏🏾

  10. I only received the first 3 months, May, June and July at post office, I then decided to update bank details. Will be paid all my money from August 2020 until to date. It’s been worrying me.

  11. Dear srd grant office why is may pay date not available it says the 12 th 19 and 26 is pay dates for 081 i went today and its not available for me please

  12. Dear head office of SRD grant i querie about the 350 today is my pay date and there is nothing why put out payment dates when most people go to post office today and i didn’t get mine whats the reason for that waiting till this day next payment is the 19 the i must wait a whole week now for the next pay date coming really

  13. i am approved since last year November until now with no paydates. i have been paid for the first 6months but since november untill now nothing. only approved with no luck. mxm

  14. Since December icharge my money’s post to bank account capitac January approve payday 25 February approve nopayday march approve 29 April 19 since iget only 350 what happened with ather month and February no payday

  15. Hey I lost my card went to the post office for a new one,the cashier help me and offert that he can soma withdraw the money,their system Jamed and afterwords it showed that my money is out of the account,I didn’t receive any money for April,he said the money would be reversed but up until now still nothing

    Three days after that I went back,he faxed papers to sassa in order for the money to be reversed but still nothing and it’s already a new month

    Help please

  16. Since I received payment last year October n November until April are approved

      1. HI just wanna know what’s going on with regards to payment dates,my appeal was approved from June 2020 to 2021 March and April and May June.
        till date still waiting for pay date.

      1. i am approved since last year November until now with no paydates. i have been paid for the first 6months but since november untill now nothing. Only approved but no payment dates

  17. Need help its from beginning of lockdown iam not working but declined. Me every time

    1. If you have not canceled it yourself then, you might have given your account details to someone to check your status for you and the person canceled it

  18. I have an outstanding 4 month payment and only received one month payment, so im not so sure what must i do.

  19. My brother’s last 3 digits is 080 was supposed to get his R350 on the 11th of June but he didn’t know the new system. Is he going to get his money at any date if he goes to the Post office???

  20. My brother’s last 3 digits is 080 was supposed to get his R350 on the 11th of June but he didn’t know the new system. Is he going to get his money at any date if he goes to the Post office???

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