How To Apply SRD R350 Is Back! – How to Apply

To start with, let me first say thank you to the president Cyril Ramaphosa for at least positively responded to the cry of many South African citizens.

Although most people were expecting a reinstated SRD with an increase of up to R585 per month.

How To Apply for SRD R350

I am assuming you are a first time applicant for the SRD R350 grants. If that is your case, then i will advice you to click on the link and scroll down to section where you are asked to apply.

Fill in all the necessary details and click on submit button.

SASSA will have to scrutinize all the submitted documents to see if you qualify for the grant.

How To Check Status SRD R350 Grant

After finalizing the, sassa will provide you with the feedback to see if you have been approved or not.

If you are declined, a reason for the decline will be clearly stated and if you feel you have been unduly declined for the SRD you can appeal.

Some of the reasons for the decline will be : submissions of wrong or incorrect information, not meeting the requirements, already working, already registered for UIF, having alternative income sources, nsfas registered etc.

5 thoughts on “How To Apply SRD R350 Is Back! – How to Apply

  1. Can I apply for R350 if I’m a mother of 1 child who’s not working but I’m getting Child Support Grant?

  2. I’ve applied and was approved when applications started….when I went for first payment in June 2020 they told me i need my maiden ID book because i had a postbank account on my maiden surname….and that was years ago. I applied with my married surname which was approved, why do I need my maiden ID which I don’t have any longer. …

    Please help

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