SRD R350 Grant Application Not Open – SASSA

SASSA SRD R350 grant application

SASSA is advising applicants to exercise constraints.

The reintroduction of the grant was first announced by President Cyril Ramaphosa during his address to the nation in July. He said the grant would be reinstated until the end of March 2022.

SASSA has not yet released details of how the application process will work, but it has clarified that the new grant will not be making back payments.

This means new beneficiaries of the R350 grant will not be receiving payments for months the previous grant cycle was not active.

“The R350 is not an extension of the previous grant that was introduced and terminated in May. Rather, it’s a reintroduction of the grant and it will commence right now rather than a continuation of what we’ve done in the past”

“This is a starting point rather than backpaying for the months that the grant was not in existence.” explained Deputy Director General of Public Finance, Dr Mampho Modise.

SASSA is creating a new application process to ensure that the risk of fraud is lowered during the new application cycle.

While no new details have been released yet, SASSA has allowed more people to qualify for the new R350 grant.

During the previous application cycle, applicants were not allowed to apply if they were already receiving SASSA grants.

Now, SASSA will be accepting applications from unemployed caregivers who currently receive a Child Support Grant.

SASSA has warned those who wish to apply for the new R350 grant to be aware of fake posts circulating on the internet.

“SASSA warns clients not to provide personal information to unknown sites…Details and date on which the application system re-opens will be announced soon” said SASSA.

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