SRD January Payments Finally Approved

January 2021 SRD PAYMENT Finally Approved

After waiting for weeks and the stress that comes with it, SASSA has finally started approving all those applicants who still qualify for the last payment of the SRD.

January 2021 marks the last payment of the grant introduced in May 2020 to help unemployed people to cope with the daunting effects of the nationwide lockdown.

There have  been rumors going around the internet of possible extension of the SRD grant, but our checks reveal that there has not been any official statement to that effect.

So as it stands, there is no extension of the grant and therefore January 2021 will be the last and final payment.

However, those who have had issues with their payments will attended to accordingly.

For those who have been declined unduly still have the opportunity to appeal to the decision and SASSA is ready to relook at their appeal application for reconsideration.

Those who qualify after the reconsideration will be approved and paid subsequently.

According to the President, the basic income grant, which is an agreed amount of money paid to people who are unemployed and and no means of livelihood to buy life necessities by the government.

But, some economic experts are wondering how government can raise funds to pay such  grants without taxing taxpayers.

South Africa is among the countries in the world who have high unemployment rates.

To check your SRD grant status use the link

enter your ID number and the phone number used to apply and click on the submit button.

You can as well download the Moya app and use to check your status without using data. Be reminded that, you need data to download the app first.

10 thoughts on “SRD January Payments Finally Approved

  1. Hi
    Me l got a question, December l get paid my SRD with the same lD am using which said am married, today on 21 January 2021 at Northgate Post office, they turned me down and said l must go back and bring the marriage certificate, how am I going to apply this certificate coz I don’t know the person,
    Which l married to.

  2. Gooday I got approved after re appealing I got a payment date to collect but the thing is how do I know where to collect they didn’t sent me any link or post office to collect

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