Social Grant Are Not Transferable After Death – SASSA

Sassa has cautioned the general public especially those who are beneficiaries to social support grants that, when a beneficiary passes away, his or her grant cannot be transferred. Below is the official statement from quarters of sassa.

The South African Social Security Agency (Sassa) has noted with shock and concern that family members of beneficiaries who died before the beginning of the following month’s payment cycle are withdrawing the money.

The grant is paid into the beneficiary’s account at the beginning of the new month with the understanding that the grant is meant for the beneficiary.

Social grant payments are not transferable without following legislated procedures as prescribed by the Social Assistance Act.

Sassa has warned family members who withdraw money of a deceased beneficiary that by doing so they are committing a serious criminal offence.


Family members are advised not to withdraw the money paid in the account of the deceased beneficiary.

If the money is withdrawn, Sassa has the right to approach the concerned family with the aim of recovering the money illegally withdrawn.

There are several ways in which the grant can be reported at Sassa, which are:

• The Home Affairs population register is linked to Sassa’s SOCPEN database, so when a death is registered at Home Affairs, Sassa will be automatically notified and will cancel the grant.

• If the grant is not stopped after one month, a nominated family member can visit any Sassa local office to cancel it.

• If the money is not withdrawn for three consecutive months, the grant will automatically be cancelled and the money will be returned to Sassa.

For more information contact the Sassa Customer Care Unit on 013 754 9439/9428 or hotline number on 0800 60 10 11 from 8am to 4pm during weekdays.

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