Should I Reapply or Apply Again- SRD R350 Grant?

For those of you who have already submitted your applications and even received your grants, there is the need to apply again.

According to SASSA , everyone will have to submit a new application regardless of whether you are new or old.

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President Ramaphosa has recently announced the Reinstatement of the SRD R350 Grant for unemployed South Africans.

Those who were earlier declined for whatever reason do not know if they can still apply again.

Just get your fingers crossed as we keep updating the website as our sources are very close to the presidency, Sassa, and the DSD department.

For whatever be the case, all qualified applicants whether they have to apply again or not will receive their due share of the grant.

This grant is like a life insurance policy or scheme to help sustain the lives of many people living in poverty as a result of the economic downturn due to the global pandemic.


This is an update to the previous article:

SASSA has finally asked all applicants to submit a new application regardless of whether they are new, declined, old, even if your information is already in the system.

However, they are yet to announce the application process, which may commence in 1st August 2021.

They have asked all potential applicants to exercise constraints and should not give their information to any unscrupulous people online.

58 thoughts on “Should I Reapply or Apply Again- SRD R350 Grant?

    1. Thuthukani Victor Biyase, am not employed bt my srd request failed last tyme I need to re- register

    2. I would like too know if I should reapply see that I’ve received the R350 last year and is still unemployed with no income

    1. I would like to all of here and mr president for the R350 i would sassa grant me again i need it i will apreciate if sassa can grant my request

  1. Hi I’m Edward 58yrs still unemployed just whant to know if I have to reapply for the unemployed relief fund cause I recieved it before thanks

  2. Im jst wondering with the Pandemic how to apply on line wit ma phone 4 the 350 grant…
    Help needed plzz

  3. My name is mbongiseni from mpumalanga Our government is failing us.they only thing about themselves.we are starving at this President we need money and better life which you have promised us.

  4. I’m Hlengiwe nd I’m working nd I don’t have interest of 350 but i would like to say thank u to President because tht money makes a difference to others who don’t have income my requests is the grant should not end until tht person get a job I think is fair tht way
    Thank you🙏

  5. It seems like you’re playing with our lives.
    So please make things easier for me and my grandson.

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