When it comes to the payment dates of the special SASSA SRD relief grant of R350, there are no specified dates.

Because each and every applicant will have to be verified each month to see if they still qualify for the grant.

But as we write this, December payments are currently approved. Some of the applicants have their pay dates scheduled for next week Monday, thus 14th December 2020.

It is believed that others will also be paid on fifteen, thus Tuesday.

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For those who are using their personal bank account to receive payments, they will receive their grants the same date scheduled. However, those who are using the post office may have to wait a little longer.

During one her speeches, the Minister of Department of Social Development, has made it clear that they are trying their best to make payments before the last week of December as the workers of the Post Office too will have to go on break for the festive period.

For those who have issues or been declined have the opportunity to appeal for reconsideration.

Those people can use the link below and scroll down to the section asking them to request reconsideration and follow the instructions.


January 2021 Payment Updates

As at Saturday, 2nd January , SASSA has not started paying or issuing January payments.  We anticipate that payment will definitely start after the payment of the regular SASSA payments which starts on 4th to 6th January.

Keep checking your status from time to time for updates.


45 thoughts on “SASSA SRD PAYMENT DATES 2020 /2021

  1. : hi my concern is about some people that don’t have id but have id copies can they still collect their money please
    Knowing some people can’t afford to make id and some that lost id and desperately need can u help please
    Kind regards
    Nishi Lalbehary

          1. I have responded bt still no update please advise as the month of January has ended are people still going to get paid via their banks nd have been approved from previous months
            Please respond wth paydates

          2. Hi i was approved for January 2021 for the unemployment sassa but didn’t receive any of it. And it’s now February.

    1. Who has? Maybe ANC members… Or even worse – the workers in the 9ffic3s arranged for themselves. The R350 covid grand was a bullshit story from day one grrrrrr

    2. check for your status online via the srd link, you will find a reason even if it was declined, they will still give you a reason why you haven’t received any money

  2. Thank you for updates on sassa grants its a relieve to us .I pity those who are not on line and dnt have tv or radio especially in remote rural areas can the team workout a better plan which will help and not delay info or even to make elders travell long distances and go back dissapointed .kuyahlushekwa mpela izizwe siyafa indlala..isondlo so musa si ntanta kancane mpela…

  3. Good Evening can anyboby pls tell me what the Pay Date for December. Pls Thanks
    Have a Awesome blessed Christmas and Happy 2021 AMEN

  4. my brother Elroy Williams has been unemployed for 10 months and never ever received anything! he is being declined every single month with a new born baby and suffering! you guys are wrong! he is on 0794762633

  5. My son says approved for Nov Dec and Jan but post office say his not on their data base and it’s not paid into his capitec account too what can we do

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