SASSA has finally started responding to SRD Appeal Applications

SASSA has finally started responding to SRD Appeal Applications

From various sources, our checks gladly indicate that some of the applicants who were earlier, as far as May declined, have had their decline status reversed.

Some of them have been approved with pay dates and others without pay dates.

This gives hope to these applicants who have been aggrieved for a long period. Most of the cases reversed have to do with the income tax certificate (irp5).

It is heartwarming to also note that those who have been approved with pay dates will be paid on Thursday, 24th December 2020.

If you know someone who was declined for the #sassa #srd #R350 grant because of irp5, kindly inform the person check back the status either using the Moya app or the dedicated online platform from SASSA :

27 thoughts on “SASSA has finally started responding to SRD Appeal Applications

  1. From May until December have been declined irq5 registered, January still pending and now I’ve forgotten my pin code and the SIM card used to register my application is not mine also did appeal but outcome still irq5 registered don’t know what to do anymore although I’m desperate for money, even if i didn’t get all

  2. My mother was declined from May – October and was approved from November and December, she would like to know why May – October still declined, she has the pay dates for November and December
    but there’s no money in her account?

  3. I’ve been declined since may irp5 …I appeal and was approved on consideration from May to October…I went to the post office and was told that I’m not on the system please help as I have no source of income I’m 55years old can’t work anymore

  4. I Renee Cloete was approved…..every month….except May 2020…..they said irp 5……..and still is January 2021 still pending………I was not working for last 4 years unemployed……how cansassa said irp 5…..for May 2020…..but all the other month’s I was approved…..where is my 350 for May 2020, and why is January 2021 still pending………what is goeing on in this country…….our Goverment and sassa……lives with lies……..please pay my money I have to get… wrong….May month 2020……..I did not work…..I am UNEMPLOYED for last 4 years……..there is no irp 5 story…….you people took the money…..I supposed to get…..and why is January still pending……my ID IS 6405040171089……MY NAME IS RENEE CLOETE……PLEASE CORRECT THIS ISSUE……THANK YOU

  5. My Husband was also declined due to IRP5 and also stated that he has a proof of income of which is not true, as he is been unemployed for more than 3 years now

  6. my sassa payment just stopped in january i have reapplied but no reasons were given my husbands sassa was denied cos he was registered as a tax payer he hasnt worked in three years i am at wits end

  7. I tried applying since May month 2020 and came back declined every month since then only January 2021 came back approved but still never got any dates reason for declined was of ID VERIFICATION so could you please let me know what to do next ☹

  8. I tried to apply last year on May results come out I’m Irp5.I don’t understand I was not working it’s been 3yrs now.Im not receiving any money Labour or SARS.On December I tried to appeal and I got approved at the end of December for 6months which is May-October.November-January is still pending.On the 29th January I receive paydates for 3 months which is May-july.So I’m waiting for another months patiently.

  9. I like to know what must i do becouse i didnt get paid last month and not this month and i have changer from numbers

  10. My Appeal was approved 13 January 2021. Sent banking details as requested.

    Still awaiting payment. How long do you have to wait for payment after approval.

    This is very urgent

    1. SASSA for now does not have any time period for the bank payment after approval, if you think it is getting too late, just contact sassa for assistance

  11. From November 2020 till now still waiting for my massage for ewallet I was at sassa to make an appeal they said to me I will receive a massage from post office to collect the money I was at the post office to check they say I must wait for my bank massage I just need a help or I must forget about the money .

  12. From the 1st month when sassa srd started it has been declining reason being that they say i have been receiving uif money which i stoped receiving in 2017 and now am unemployed.

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