SASSA Apologizes For Delay in the payments of SRD R350 Grant

SASSA has apologized unreservedly to the applicants who are yet to be paid for their SRD R350 Grant.

The frustration some of these applicants are going through are just unfortunate and SASSA must sit up and do the needful.

Some Applicants have been approved long time since November 2020 but up to date, they are not paid and don’t have any pay dates.

It just frustrating how some of these stranded individuals enter into comments boxes and inbox to request for an information, but sometimes, you just do not know what to tell them.

And from their comments it can be seen they are helpless and nobody seems offer them the needed support.

All that SASSA has been good is issuing media statement instead of tackling individuals specific challenges and solving them.

How come an applicant will be approved for about six months without pay dates and SASSA is still quiet and cannot figure out what the problem is?

What is then the purpose of this emergency grant to support individual’s livelihood.

What these frustrated people needs is a clear road map to clear all these arrears and give them what is due them.

The attitude of SASSA as an agency under the Department of Social Development can be function so recklessly and the entire management of the agency must be brought to book and answer demanding questions…

Is a problem with funding or just sheer recklessness….

An agency with the hash tags #SASSACARES? 😥😥😥😥😥

7 thoughts on “SASSA Apologizes For Delay in the payments of SRD R350 Grant

  1. We have been approved for November to January without payday February to April pending for reconsideration when are we getting paid

  2. I saddens me to say this but sassa has failed its people to many times now and the government is doing nothing about it as this is the norm in all government departments…fraud and corruption takes over no matter what the case is and no one is ever brought to justice therefore it will keep happening while the people keep suffering…

  3. I’ve been approved from November December January April no paydates I’ve called the call centre all they say patients that’s all they don’t help us at all they don’t even give us answers why we haven’t been paid as yet I feel it’s wrong what sassa is doing to us

  4. I’m also waiting from last year and didn’t get a one rand from sassa and it’s mei 2021 this is not fair. I am sending all my information to sassa from my phone last year and never heard from them. Who’s gonna help you with this situation

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