SASSA Apologizes and Promise To Pay Double SRD R350 Grant

SASSA has apologized for the undue delay in the payment of the SRD grant especially for the month of March.

The CEO of SASSA made this known during an interview stating the reasons beyond their control.

She explained :

“A delay in the payments of the COVID-19 social relief grant for the months of March and April 2021 is being experienced due to the
transition in government
financial years. The end of
March is the end of the financial year for government and various administrative tasks are required before any payments which relate to the previous financial year can be
made. SASSA is currently busy with these end of financial year tasks which has delayed payment.” – SASSA CEO – Totsie Memela

In other statements SASSA has attributed the reactivation of the SRD grant extension and monthly validation of applicants eligibility to be other factors.

SASSA encounters March payment delays for SRD R350 grant beneficiaries. Reasons for the delay is monthly validation of beneficiaries as well as the reactivation of the system since receiving confirmation of the funding for the extension. #SASSACARES

5 thoughts on “SASSA Apologizes and Promise To Pay Double SRD R350 Grant

  1. Hi I have been getting paid since this has started. For the past 2 month it’s been declined. It says due to uif registered. I have never applied for uif. I have emailed the appeals but my email got blocked.

    I need help

  2. Have not been paid since October last year only received April 350 what happened to all other approved months with no pay date????????????????????

    1. Hey my name is Nawaaz I also just got one payment that was 1400 and what happened to all the other months payment s please we are need of the money sir or miss please don’t do this to us I have got a 9 year old daughter that needs a lot if she go’s to school and then I got a year old baby that also needs much more

  3. got payment in Feb went there to post office today and there was no payment but have approved months to be paid out what to do now.

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