SASSA Adjust Disability Grants Payment Dates 2020

Sassa has revised the payment date for disability grants which was usually paid along side that of old age or pension grants. Below is the official statement from sassa


23 July 2020

SASSA Changes Disability Grant Payment Dates

Payment dates for Older Persons and Disability Grants have been further separated with effect from August 2020 by SASSA. Disability Grants will no longer be paid with Older Persons Grants on the first day of payment (the third day of the month).

In terms of the further staggering of payment dates to be introduced from August 2020, the Older Persons Grant will be paid from 03 August 2020. Disability Grants will be paid from 04 August 2020 and all other grants will be paid from 05 August 2020. Any grants linked to those accounts will be available on the same dates. In terms of this new arrangement, it means disability grants won’t be paid on the same day as the Older Persons Grant.

Earlier this year, SASSA announced the staggering of social grant payments. This is being continued in August to further enforce social distancing and reduce the numbers of people who report to grant access points on any one day. All the social grant access points such as Post Offices and merchants attract a high number of beneficiaries trying to access their money on the same day, which is a risk to especially the aged and those with disabilities.

The government decided that the country remains on level 3 of the lockdown as a precautionary measure to ensure that the spread of the virus is contained and lives are spared. SASSA therefore urges the public to work with government in ensuring that the curve of this virus is flattened by complying with the staggered payment dates.

It is known that our elderly people are the ones who are most vulnerable to the virus and as SASSA we came with strategies to ensure that everyone’s safety is given a preference.

β€œThe staggering of grants started after the lockdown and we should see this as an extension of this process to further limit the number of beneficiaries at payment facilities. The process will be monitored closely and further staggering is not ruled out in the near future, because we need to comply with government protocols of social distancing and washing of hands particularly”; said SASSA CEO, Totsie Memela. β€œBeneficiaries should remember that they don’t have to withdraw their money on the first payment date but can withdraw it on any day after the payment date as it will remain in the accounts till they withdraw it” she concluded.

Issued on behalf of SASSA

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