R350 Is Too Little And Excludes Many – Research Report

Recipients battle to access the money

‘For those who had qualified for the Covid-19 grant, the process of receiving payments was also not easy. In many cases, the time period between applying for the grant and receiving the grant was several months.

Applicants who had been approved for R350 grants were reassessed on a monthly basis to verify that they had no other income, by checking bank accounts associated with beneficiary ID numbers. Income of any kind would result in the automatic non-payment of the grant for that month, the report said.

β€œ[The South African Post Office] struggled with cash shortages, which meant people were left frustrated and hungry. Across the country, there were overwhelming numbers of people queueing outside Sapo (South African Post Office) branches in the hope of collecting their grant. In many cases people camped outside Sapo branches overnight in the hope of getting to the branch before cash ran out,” the report read.’

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