[New Updates]SRD R350 Grant Application Not Open – SASSA

We have been trying to get SASSA to give us a glimpse of the application date since Sunday but to avail.

Anytime they are contacted, all that they say is the application will be starting very soon.

Post Updates :

SASSA has officially announced the application process. It starts tomorrow 5th August 2021 at 9am. Use the link below to apply


But how soon? SASSA seems tight mouthed and they don’t want to even give a hint whether it will be this week or next week or this month or whatever.

This has left many frustrated and some unscrupulous people have taken advantage of this and giving people wrong application code and website.

But SASSA has continously cautioned applicants to disregard any information claiming that application has started not officially emanating from them.

On their Facebook page, sassa has described those posts as fake and that desperate applicants should treat them as such.

According to them, the application will be ready very soon and that applicants should exercise great restraint and patience.

SASSA said they have to make their system is robust, secured and updated as they have to validate each and every applicant yo see if indeed he or she qualified.

They need to synchronize the submitted information with other government agencies such as Home Affairs Department, SARS, NSFAS, PRISONS, ETC.

Latest Updates yo this Story :

Department of Social Development minister Lindiwe Zulu will be addressing the media and the general public on the Application of the SRD R350 Grant Today Wednesday, 4th August 2021. Stay Tuned 😳😳🤣🤣💃💃💃💃💃

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