My status says “Failed” when i check srd R350 grant. What Should I do?

Applicants for the SASSA SRD R350 grant are currently facing a problem whereby when they check their status they receive message saying *failed*.

Upon further checks we realized that the SASSA module for checking status is not activated even on the site including the ability to switch or change payment method from one to another.

It is a clear indication that, SASSA application platform is not fully functional, may be sassa is waiting to open the system full swing.

The issue us not actually pertaining to one or two people, but most applicants are facing the same issue.

It must be noted that these applicants had previously received a a confirmation SMS from SASSA indicating their applications are successful and active.

In the face of this difficulties, let us be patient and not to give our personal data to strangers in an attempt to make them help us.

We are closely monitoring events from SASSA to ascertain why the system is malfunctioning or in such situations.

We are hoping sassa is working at the background to resolve any issue causing this disappointment among applicants.

It must be admitted that millions of people depend on the grant for their livelihood.

25 thoughts on “My status says “Failed” when i check srd R350 grant. What Should I do?

  1. I only received my R350 srd grand for August,Sept and Oct but when i check my status for November it says failed.

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