[Must Read] Do you have  “Meanstest” on your Status?

[Must Read] Do you have  “Meanstest” on your Status?

A couple of days ago the editor of this website contacted SASSA concerning the the issue of “Meanstest” showing on their SRD STATUS after reconsideration.

For most of these applicants, the word does not mean anything to them and moreover do not understand what SASSA means by that.

They would want to know whether that means declined or approved so that they will know their exact status and see the way forward.

Below is the response received from SASSA as far as “Meanstest” is concerned.

“Means testing refers to a process where the income of an applicant (for whom the application was initially declined&upon reconsideration is still declined) will be tested. SASSA will thus consider whether there was an income into the account of the client during the month or not.”.

They also added the statement below :
” Should there be no income, the application will be approved and paid. However, should there be an income in the bank account, the application will remain declined.”

For these reasons above, it is clear SASSA is checking the applicant’s bank account each month to see if the account receives cash or not.

Therefore, if you have any bank account and you feel you have not received any money for the past months, get your bank account statement and submit to SASSA for assessment.

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  1. Ekt n SMS gekry wat se eks goed gekeer,en moet my banking details stuur,ekt dit gedoen en verder niks terug voer gekry,why?

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