Job creation is what SA needs – Economic Expert

Mr. Azar Jammine, an economic expert says in the debate as to whether they should extend the SASSA SRD R350 grant or consider Basic Income grant have this to say :

“This is not a time to fund a basic income grant. We need to find a way to start more businesses and to make businesses comfortable so that we can create more jobs. That is a more sustainable way to support the vulnerable, give them jobs,” said Schussler. 

Jammine said another reason to prioritiss job creation over income grants was that there is usually less of an incentive to find a job when people receive grants. He said while it was true that finding employment has become more difficult, there was evidence showing that some people who got multiple social grants leave their low paying jobs.

Ramaphosa said during his speech that the government had also started a process of rolling out public employment programmes. These will offer more work opportunities to women, youth, people living with disabilities and other marginalised groups.

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