Is SASSA Broke? Why the Delay of SRD R350 Grant Payments?

In the course of the week SASSA CEO released a statement which is very frightening and irresponsible.

In the statement, SASSA was pleading with SRD R350 grant recipients who have had their payments delayed since last year November and therefore apologized.

SASSA claimed, such affected applicants would be paid when funds are available, stating the payments was part of the previous financial period.

In effect, what SASSA is saying that there no money currently budgeted first the those affected payments until treasury makes funds available to them (SASSA).

It is just unfortunate that sons and daughters of this beloved country have to go through this just because of incompetency of other public workers.

Most of these applicants have been complaining since November (more than six months now) but SASSA is behaving as if nothing is going on. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭.

We all know the dying effects of this pandemic on the lives of individuals in this country coupled with all time high unemployment rate.

SASSA must rise up and take charge and truly care about the masses.

We call on the Social Development Department Minister to liaise with Treasury in order to clear this outstanding grants payments to this individuals.

Below is the copy of the statement from SASSA CEO.

SASSA CEO Statement

2 thoughts on “Is SASSA Broke? Why the Delay of SRD R350 Grant Payments?

  1. I really need this money because im not working and it help me to buy small thing like food

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