How To check SRD R350 Grant Status

Having applied for the just reinstated SASSA SRD R350 grant, applicants would want to know or track the status of his or her application.

If you want to check your #sassa #srd #R350grant status, just follow the link below and enter the phone number registered with and ID number and click on the submit button.

This is the easiest and simplest way to check your status if you have already applied.

The president has recently announced that the SRD R350 Grant has been reinstated and payment will continue from August 2021 to March 2022.

Use the link below to check your status

95 thoughts on “How To check SRD R350 Grant Status

        1. I have been trying to check my status but it keep saying failed each and every time…. So how will I know if am approved or declined ?

          1. Currently, you cannot check your status unless you contact sassa on 0800601011 toll free number

          1. I’ve I’ve tried calling the toll free number several times, I chose option one but it didn’t go through afterwards… It disconnected

          2. I have been checking my status but it keeps showing failed but when i want yo apply again for srd R350 it shows im already active
            Are we going to get paid or not
            I have called them also but when i press 1 as they told me the call ended

      1. I’ve been trying to check my status with no luck. I have an outstanding balance for 6 months, I’ve been calling sassa for a year now asking about my outstanding balance all they say is the matter has been ascalated .

        1. U cannot get through on that number ..looks like all means off communication with this department don’t work

      1. Kevin I checked your status and it was approved. Your payment date is 27 of each month.
        If you had put your banking details, rest assured you will get your 1st payment on the 27 September.

    1. Stood 4 hours in the post office line for the lady to tell me that I I’m not on the system yet I must wait what is this

    1. There is no link to upload my banking details and also when I want to look at my status it keeps on saying failed.

  1. I have been trying to check my status payment.ih put my id number and cellphone number it said failed

    1. Can some one help please am trying to check on my status but it keeps giving me the failed thing what’s really happening

  2. Me to every time I try for my status it show failed how wil we know if mine is approved I got it lastyear right up to April and I reapply again

  3. I don’t know if I’m approved or whatever is happening,it says active nothing else,stop playing with us we need this money,I need this money

  4. Hi sassa all i just want to know is that i have approved or not…..becouse i was trying to check the status since day one… please help me or help us to know about our status….that all thank you!!

  5. You keep telling us we cannot check our status now… what pathetic institution is this that all you can tell us is we cannot check our status but don’t give us a solution going forward??? We waste what little money we have on a daily basis on your useless website that helps us fok all.. and you wonder why people have no faith in you and your system.. pathetic really that people go hungry while the rich people get fatter..

  6. Good morning everyone l have been trying to check my covid grant if is approved it keeps saying failed l don’t why

    1. Good morning everyone I was trying to checkout covid grant R350 it keeps saying failed l don’t know why

    2. Please for the mean time you cannot check status, better call SASSA on toll free number 0800601011 for assistance

  7. My status says “failed” how bcz suppose I get paid on the 25th. Last SRD R350 I didn’t get it until the time passed keep on saying declined while I have no income why are you doing this SASSA team why ningasicabangeli ? Because le mali siyayidinga am not even working😭😭😭😭💔

  8. I have applied it said application active and I’ve been approved but havent received any payment the August one and the September one what do I do

  9. I got a message saying “Application for SRD R350 Grant declined due to other income received”.

    I don’t know how because there are no other income that I am receiving, I dispute outcome. Since last year I am not working anywhere.

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