Group Calls For the Extension of the SRD GRANT

“On Tuesday, members of the Covid-19 People’s Coalition met to discuss the open letter they intend to hand over to the Department of Social Development, National Treasury and the office of the Presidency on Thursday.

Shaeera Kalla, a member of the Coalition’s Cash Transfers Working Group, said that their letter makes four main demands:

✅Increase and extend the Covid-19 Social Relief of Distress Grant.

✅Include caregivers, most of whom are women.

✅Reassess the “unduly harsh and narrow criteria” for accessing the grant.

✅Make urgent progress towards a universal basic income grant

“We are at a point where we need to build broader support and put pressure on the government. We have requested an urgent meeting to discuss the imminent termination of the Covid-19 grant since January but have received no response,” Kalla said.’

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2 thoughts on “Group Calls For the Extension of the SRD GRANT

  1. My problem is that I haven’t got any money from sassa from the month of May,June, July, August, September, October and November that was in 2020 but all those months were approved and with pay dates but at the post they always tell me the money isn’t in yet.i only want to know whats the problem.i only got R700 in January which I thought it was for December and January then in February I got only R350 and in early March I got another R350 then from it says approved but with no pay date.That’s all my concern.

  2. I also got a problem, December, January and February has no paydates at all but all approved. It is very devastating because I am dependable in this money with my 2 year old child; who doesn’t gets a support grant, and my wife on the same roof who all depends on what I put on the table.

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