Good News : SASSA has started issuing pay dates to those approved long time without pay dates

Good News : SASSA has started issuing pay dates to those approved long time without pay dates

SASSA has recently started approving SRD grant applicants who have been approved since June but without pay dates.

Most of these applicants who have been worried over the months after been approved without pay dates can now have some sigh of relief.
Since Monday, most of them have seen their pays dates as 28th and 29th October.

It is unclear what might be the cause whether it was a technical challenge from the system or just deliberate.

SASSA through an email received by an applicant who appealed for his decline of the grant received a confirmation receipt from SASSA Indicating so.

Applicants can check their status using the link below /sc19 /status

In the said message, SASSA assured the applicants that they have taken notice of the appeal and also acknowledged the fact that some applicants have been approved without pay dates and they are currently working on it.

They have also advised all those who feel that they are unduly declined such UIF registered, Irp5 registered, not in Sars database, identity verification failure, nsfas registered, etc to appeal.

Thayer are in the process of making sure the appeal process is complete and give the feedback to the these aggrieved applicants

151 thoughts on “Good News : SASSA has started issuing pay dates to those approved long time without pay dates

  1. Y is it when its paydate n one go to the post office ,they tell ppl that there’s no money. What’s the paydate for..I mean most ppl paydate was on 26th on Monday n today 28.29tomorrow..but when they arrived thay are being told that there’s no Money..

          1. Firstly…and most.inportenly
            🙏Thanks You.🙏
            For assistaning
            Us with the grant
            I am greatly ,
            Gratefull 🙏
            I’d like to enquire pls
            I don’t receive
            A sms to….
            Say I can go to the post office…
            I have a friend that works there….
            And knows my strugel ,
            So she…. checs for me…

            I to whould
            To receive a
            SMS ….if possible please …to inform me….
            That I can collect…
            My bits , which I am so grateful for .
            from the post office…

            My contact number is as follows
            079 449 7054

            🙏 Thank you Once Again 🙏
            Heidi Penny

          2. My neighbour has changed to bank you send 10 – digit & 4 -Digit access pin instead of 6 -Digit even yours 4 digit is not working he can’t withdraw his money why are you playing with people’s minds it’s been a month since he is waiting again when I check his status is approved but with no pay day

          3. Today I went to the post office to claim my money but they said that I have no money … and when I check online it says approved but then there’s no pay day …ever since January until this far … even February it says approved but there’s no pay day too I don’t understand what is the problem

          4. Since December, January, February, march, April approved but no pay dates pls help

          5. I have been approved long time but no pay date and I am so inneed ofthis money 😭

          1. I have applied for the Sassa grant and was successful but up till today no confirmation as to any payout dates received . What do I do to get clarification about this

          2. I have been I apply for grant since August and I was approved but I have no pay date

          3. Still no pay date November December January February March April all are provided


          1. Im also approved for Nov-jan… Feb is still pending so i don’t know can’t they make payments for the once approved and let the one that is pending it will approve when it appoves

      1. But I’m been approved but not received the money becoz of no payment date and the fact nothing shows on the post office system can you help me with my paydate please

        1. Hey I started to applied last but it keep on saying rp5 nd m not working my I did appeal on the call 0800… am stl waiting my I’d no 7308300514080l

      2. After i changed in july from post office to bank i have not recieved any payment i get approved with no paydates nd then it gets referred what should i do?

        1. It has been a hectic one! I advise you appeal, just let them know what condition you are in. Please remember to add your Full Name and ID to the appeal message…..

        2. I applied in May and I received one payment in July. I received two payments in August for June and July only in August. Since then I never Received for August, September, October, November, December all these months are referred. It hearts to see people getting their money’s whilst others are not getting. Please look at the matter.

      3. Hello…. I already applied for the R350 more than once but never received anything… I’m unemployed and not getting any grant

      4. Hi when will I get pay day because since from November I did not get pay day, Is E-wallet still working or what?


      1. Im approved i got my first 2 payment via ewallet im now approved for 3 months with paydates but have not received ewallet for the 3 month

      2. I also have been guessing my pay dates after not getting them. My payment method is ewalet and my last pay was in November. Why am I not getting my pay dates?

    1. Same here, mine declined because of identity verification and now I fixed it but still waiting till today 😭😭😭😭💔💔💔

  2. Hi just a quick question I’m married coetzee but lost my I’d and now I only have my maiden I’d can I withdraw with that I’d at the post office

      1. Thank u how long do it take if u choose fnb coz when they ask account number I said no coz I don’t have bank account so will they pay by ewallet and how long will u wait if ur paydates are 28&29

        1. Don’t really have an exact answer though. But of you are expecting your payment through ewallet then your phone number must be RICA in your name

          1. If you didn’t know your phone number is rica under your name. Will they send my money to post office so can collect with my id?

        2. OMG I applied for my son got approved from August September and October but nothing got dates and November and December is approved but no pay dates,He must get it through ewalet FNB

        1. I am not working and not getting any cent, I applied for Sassa relief grant but still now the feedback keep on saying 0 IRP5 registered, I don’t know what to do, I really need this money.

          1. You might have worked for some company before and they failed to submit your tax returns (get in touch with them) or go to the SARS for verification and investigation 🤔🤔

          1. May,June, July it decline saying I’m uif registered then September, August, October approved and got paid but November it says decline uif registered! What must I do

  3. Good day. I applied for my brother and he has been approved since June, every month. I opted for Absa Atm payment, no bankaccount. I used my cellphone number as he didn’t have cellphone at that time, but I haven’t received any collection number or pin since June, so no payment as yet.

    1. Hello Salwa, note that SASSA will not pay the grant into that account with that your number. They are matching the applicants with their bank and mobile numbers to make sure they are paying to rightful applicants…….. Let him get a number registered in his name and use his number for the payment at ABSA….

  4. How can I add my banking details online without the cell phone number that I used to register I was approved for July and August and September pay date was 26,28and but I went to post office to collect I only received 350. Can someone help me to add banking details online

  5. Hi….i have been approved with pay dates for June,July,(24th) August (28th)September (29th)…
    Ive been to the post office today but only collected R350 for June….just abit confused cos june and Julys pay dates are 24th…i do understand Aug and Sept will follow…

  6. My son has been approved for 23 august and 23 September but when he went to the post office they say he must wait for another message how long must he wait than

  7. My husband has only received one payment in July thereafter nothing. He has been approved for Jun Jul Aug and Sep with no new pay date. It only appears the 1st pay date where he received his payment. This is too strenuous really. He really need this for his family

  8. My brother since he got approved for July and August he didn’t get any pay he registered with my number because he don’t have cellphone

  9. My June approved no payment date
    July approved no payment date
    September approved no payment date
    What should I do?

  10. Hi My name is Eunice kweba I applied for srd grant since may it declined because of irp5 registered and August declined because of alternative source of income identified and went to Sassa office at Engcobo branch they say I’m must wrote an affidavit letter telling them if I m no longer working and I don’t have any source of income, I did that and submitted back to them but I did not received any feedback it’s still declined for the same reason of irp5 registered and source of income identified please help my no is 0604869923

  11. Hi first I would like to start with saying how disappointed and hate Sassa… I have been approved and waiting for a payday from June and it’s already DEC people are getting paid everyday and I am getting tired of all the lies and store you give us everytime please just pay us and get done with it

  12. I’m also still waiting for my paydate since from June until now I approved but they tell me about uif and anisfas which I don’t have.

  13. A friend of mine has received money only in june and everytime he went to the post office they’re tell him there is no money for him what must he do

  14. Hi. I HV Not Received payment into my Time Bank account ,which I opened on July
    Just to receive My Relief Fund.
    Pls let me know . Pls SMS or email me.

  15. I applied in September nd got approved for September nd October with paydates but i haven’t received an sms with a link to upload my bank details

  16. I have received a pay day but never received any money for the month of August and September. First time I received was a e wallet

  17. Hi i have been aproved for August paydate is 29,aproved for September and October paydates is 28 for both Sep and Oct but thats been aproved for quite a long time but no sms from post office nothing!! So should i go to the post office and ask if my money is there or not cus ive been waiting damn long for these 3payments..

  18. Hi I applied and was approved and got paid for May, June and July after that my status says Referred from August till now please kindly assist.

    1. Since iv applid for this SRD I have never received a cent and yet here it is closed now. And every month I have been approved from last year until now. But never received a cent, everytime when I go there they will tell me I don’t have a date. Last year Oct ,Nov, Dec I had dates but no money who’s getting and who not thank you.

  19. Hi ive just got paid for the first 3months which is May June July only from August September October iit says referred only Nov nd Dec are approved without pay dates so can u solve this plz

  20. Hi my status is approved but there are no pay dates for NOVEMBER;DECEMBER; so should i wait for paydates or can i go to the post office?

  21. Hi I was approved for all the months but I didn’t get the August payment and get the money via the bank.

    How do I appeal this issue?

  22. I only got 3months payment last year ..the rset of the months i didnt get the money they say therz no money in ur account how that happened coz since july till now idnt get the money

  23. My brother got his money for 3 month bt now he has 5 month approved an paydates ,when he go to the nearest post office he found out that ther is no money in ther for him pls help.

  24. My brother got his money for 3 month bt now he have 5 month approved an paydates ,when he go to the nearest post office he found out that ther is no money in ther for him pls help.

  25. I’m wondering when I’ll ever get paid, it’s been since Dec and Jan without pay and I’m using ewalet. There’s haven’t been pay dates also
    Please get to the bottom of this

  26. My son Bonke Ntshaba i.d number 0107025200083 contact number 0659598326 he still didn’t receive money fo 3 months he apply in May 2020 we don’t know what happened please assist us on this I send appeal but with no luck.Thanks

  27. Im also approved for Nov-jan… Feb is still pending so i don’t know can’t they make payments for the once approved and let the one that is pending it will approve when it appoves

  28. I have been approved from last year in March untill January this year but I don’t have pay dates plz can u help about those pay dates

  29. Im also approved for Nov-jan… Feb is still pending so i don’t know can’t they make payments for the once approved and let the one that is pending it will approve when it appoves and the uif and some other declined reason still not corrected as I’m not employed since 2019

  30. Hi my hubby wad approved since last year december but no paydate i mean we waiting long now for this money when can we go to post office to get his money please sassa please

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