Good News :SASSA has Approved April 2021 SRD R350

In the midst of the speculation that SASSA may pay this month’s grant together with April 2021 seems getting right.

On the evening of Monday, April 12th, recipients of the SASSA SRD R350 grant saw their April 2021 status changed from Pending to approved.

This has heightened the anticipation that recipients are likely to receive double (R700) for March and April.

The month of April remains the last month of the payment since it was extended from February.

There have been calls from various interest groups for government to extend the SRD R350 grants until the Basic Income Grant Is finally introduced.

They argue that the effects of the global pandemic on many households are still not looking good as most people have lost their source of livelihood.

But will the government be able to introduce and introduce the basic income grant from people from 18-59 years?

According to earlier reports, the Department of Social Development minister hinted they have reached the final stage for the Basic Income Grant proposal for Cabinet to consider.

4 thoughts on “Good News :SASSA has Approved April 2021 SRD R350

  1. Greetings what to do no pay day since December until this month of April it approve but no payday?

  2. So u tell me when it going to get pay oit700 rand an which date socan i go the my bank an see it plz thanku

  3. Hi, i still havent receive a pay date for January, February aswell as March and April. I cant go everytime to the post office and be turned away. Pls advice if i can atleast get my January and Febuary’s SRD

    Kind Regards

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