Good News : R350 April 2021 Payment Dates Finally Here

For some who have been checking their status, thus afternoon getting to the evening, most people have been given their April 2021 Payment Dates.

So far what we have seen and can testify have their pay dates set to Monday, 19th April 2021.

And as usual all those that collect their grant from personal bank accounts will receive it first usually a night before their pay dates.

It has been revealed that delay in the payment process of the grant was mainly due to the fact SASSA has to close their financial year which ended in March 2021.

They were stretched with administrative duties thus why finally payment dates started coming out.

If you have not checked your status today, please do so using the link 👉👉

This payment mark the last payment of the which was introduced last year May.

Recipients are likely to receive double amounts of R700 to cover March and April payments.

Some civil society organizations are are pushing for the extension of the SRD grant until the Basic Income Grant Is introduced. But as to government will consider extending the grant is for another discussion.

We are closely monitoring events and will get our cherished readers informed accordingly if there is any updates

3 thoughts on “Good News : R350 April 2021 Payment Dates Finally Here

  1. I’ve changed my 350 to bank account on January since then I’ve never recieved any momey

    1. I went to post office a couple of times they told me that there’s no money then i updated my bank details n still there’s no money when i check my status it says approved with no date

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