Elapsed Disability Grants Should Reapply

SASSA has  asked all disability grants recipients whose grants elapsed or expired to follow these guidelines to renew or reapply.

According to a recent post on SASSA official Facebook page, they have urged all those whose affected people to reapply.

Some people who are receiving temporal disability grants expired in December 2020 after earlier automatic extension.

Most of them were taken aback thinking they will enjoy another extension due to the second wave of the pandemic.

But in media statement, SASSA indicated that, it doesn’t have enough funds in its treasury.

SASSA has therefore asked such persons to reapply by downloading medical referral forms from their office website sassa.gov.za and see the doctor for assessment…

You can use the link below to download it right away



3 thoughts on “Elapsed Disability Grants Should Reapply

  1. Hi ,my mom is receiving disability grant but this month she didn’t get paid ,the card says it’s restricted and she went to post office they helped her and they said she must wait for massage till today we didn’t get the massage ,what are we supposed to do

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