Double Payments March and April 2021 SRD R350?

This question has been hanging for a while as we approach the end of the SASSA SRD R350 grant payments.

Although we are in the middle of April, but even March 2021 payments have not started. As recipients are deliberating on when to receive the March payments, they see April 2021 pending.

It makes them wonder sassa want to payment them the last two months together making R700.

We can be all that sure about this development, but sassa can decide to pay the double.

Ever since the second extension of the SRD grant, payment have been slow.

SASSA has not officially announced payment dates and as to if they will pay double but we are closely monitoring events and will get or readers updated immediately.

SRD recipients have pleaded with sassa to speed up the the payment process as they depend on this stipend for basic life necessities.

For now, the Basic Income Grant which the sector Minister says it is at cabinet level waiting for approval may continue after the SRD.

But the question most economist are worried about is the availability of funds to support this idea of given R585 to all unemployed individuals from 18-59 years.

3 thoughts on “Double Payments March and April 2021 SRD R350?

  1. got payment in Feb went there to post office today and there was no payment but have approved months to be paid out what to do now.

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