Breaking News [Must Read] SASSA Increases Social Grants Across The Board

Find below the new SASSA grants increase for the 2021 grants years

Social grant increases, effective from 01 April 2021:

•Old Age,Disability and Care Dependency Grant increases to R1 890

•War Veterans Grant increases to R1 910

•Child Support Grant increases to R460

•Foster Child Grant increases to R1 050



SASSA grants are paid to only qualified citizens who are in need of basic economic support.

2 thoughts on “Breaking News [Must Read] SASSA Increases Social Grants Across The Board

  1. Im a dissability pensioner, but I must pay rent and electricity. I am Thalidomide Victim, its a pill Govt give my mom in 1963 for nausea.
    My daughter is 38, and she must help support me but she cannot find work.
    Is there any help that SASSA can assist her with, to please help me to get food, toilet paper and chronic medication as the Thalidomide made me very sick and very disabled?
    Thank you so very much!
    Mrs EM van Vuuren( Im widowed)

  2. My son has epelpsy he get lots of fits cause its a quite 1 everytime he goes for disable grant for epelepsy it shows desclined for 6times What do we still needed to get aproved cause that kind epelepsy is gangerous or does goverment not care for there health and there safety june gona be the 7times for it and to complaine in 90days dont work any more or does sassa also get racicit on just a skin colourd

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