Basic Income Grant To Be Considered – President Ramaphosa

The president of South Africa, Cyril Ramaphosa has indicated that basic income grant will be considered this year, 2021.

He made this remarks during the party’s (African National Congress, ANC) 109th anniversary.

The basic income grant seeks to alleviate people who have difficulty in getting source of livelihood.

This global pandemic actually exposed the economic gap between the rich and the poor. During the lockdown, where many people lost their jobs, the government introduced what it called the “Social Relief of Distress – SRD” grant to unemployed citizens and some  foreign people living in South Africa.

And this month, January is the last month of payment after the three months extension from October.

But even though, lockdown was gradually lifted, there has been a recent spike of the virus forcing for minor lockdown in some parts of the country.

Some civil society groups have called for the  permanent extension of the SRD grant to especially people from 18-60 years who are unemployed and have no source of livelihood.

But the President during his address has assured the public that, the basic income grant will be be considered to cater for the poorer in society to relieve them……

25 thoughts on “Basic Income Grant To Be Considered – President Ramaphosa

  1. Sense i am waiting for December i don’t have even the paydate and May its decline it says irp5 i don’t know that i don’t get any income i appeal still waiting January still pending but we are in the middle of January

      1. This srd it will continue this year or the people of this country they continue being poor or vetoinality

  2. I was also declined in December due to Uif registered, but can’t appeal on covid email so I went to reconsideration in December, pending in reconsideration since December until now. Haven’t worked for almost 4 years and never claimed or collected any money from Sara or uif etc. Please please reconsider me for December. Inever got a response from them and my November still without date for 3 months now. Please please help me. I’m really in need of my last 3 months of money, Nov DEC and Jan. Please

    1. Please can we also get updates on how to receive the BIG grant. I will need that urgently, I can not find work no where. Please please help me MR PRESIDENT

    2. I got declined, an it says reason why register for uif
      But the agency I work for don’t wanna send me a ui19 form, what can I do

  3. Since last year i waited for my jun july nov dec payments still no pay dates no nothing and im using nedbank could it be we are being scammed or the government is giving false hope

  4. As for me,I haven’t received any cent from the post office for all the months I have applied for,August,September,October,November,December & January…So please help good people What must I do.

  5. I have applied for the srd from November.November & December were both approved,bt my problem is that I have lost my identity card,I went to home affairs and was told that due to the level we are on they are closed,now I want to know if I still will get paid without an identity card,maybe if I use my brother’s bank account?

  6. I didn’t get paid for 3 month November to January they approved but no payday, so I went to Khayelitsha sassa offices about this they say I don’t have money, how everybody is getting this SRD grant.

    1. I advise you to choose a particular location of post office to receive your payment. Go your status and choose your nearest postal office a….

  7. My son only have birth certificate we were trying to apply for the ID every time Home affairs take few nmbrs he approved to get Srd can we use this birth certificate so long to get payment from the Post office? Please advise

  8. I was never approved when I appeal then they approve me but never get nothing,at the post office they keep giving me dates but never get nothing

  9. I loss my job last year May and don’t now why and what was the reason that my umployer stop me too come too wrk

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