Application for Temporary ID and fees

If you are 16 years and older, you may apply for identity document (ID). You will need an ID to register for your matric exams, get a driving licence or open a bank account.

If you get your ID and there are errors in the personal information, the Department of Home Affairs will replace your ID free of charge.

Identification Documents for South Africa

You can apply to have your ID re-issued:

  • if you are married and want to assume the surname of your spouse.
  • if you are a woman and want to apply for a new ID using any of your previous surnames
  • if your ID book has been lost, stolen or damaged.

The Department of Home Affairs is replacing the green ID book with a smart ID card. It will be done over eight years starting in 2014, so you will not necessarily get an ID card when you now apply. If you already have an ID, you will be invited to apply for the ID card.

Find out more about getting an identity document or contact the Department of Home Affairs.

Temporary identitity certificate

If your application for an identity document will not be completed in time for you to be able to vote, you can apply for a temporary identity certificate (TIC).

In the event you lose, damage or have your ID book stolen, you may request a Temporary Identification Certificate (TIC). This can be done at any office of the Department of Home Affairs and is subject to the verification of your fingerprints.

The TIC will cost R70-00. You will need:

  • ID number for verification
  • 2 ID photos

7 thoughts on “Application for Temporary ID and fees

  1. Good day

    My question for dept of home affairs is how long does it take for an ID to be processed? We applied in March 2020(12TH) And are still waiting 🙃🙃

  2. My sister 350 approved but she dont have id due to covid 19 the of getting I D was process was delayed .well how she csn get her money we worried it might be taken back only birth certificate she got

  3. To home affairs I got a friend that never had a I’d document But he has the Id number can someone please tell me what we should do to have his I’d document made

  4. Good day I’m so miserable and lost my eldest son is struggle for his ID this is unreal they can’t find him on the system 🤦‍♀️and I did give his birth up at bellvile now I’m struggle for his birth certificate did reply and did get nothing out of this it’s now a year ago still struggling

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